Marquee Wedding Flowers at Avington Park

Tall silver candelabras with shades of pink, cream and blue

This weekend we were at Avington Park working on the wedding flowers for Charlotte and Adam.

Charlotte carried a tightly packed hand tie of pale blush Sweet Avalanche roses, spray Bombastic roses, blush pink peonies and pink sweet peas with ivy and lisianthus trails. The bridesmaids carried the same combination, but without the trails.

We arrived at the house with a lovely long display to go on the fireplace in the main entrance consisting of pale blush pink roses, spray roses, blue hydrangea, pink lisianthus and cream stocks. This was complimented with lanterns either side and lots of lovely night lights. We also put these outside on the window ledges.

In the marquee we had 12 tables to decorate, so we alternated tall and low displays. On six we put a tall silver candelabra, with cascading pale blush pink roses, spray roses, blue hydrangea and cream stocks. Every other table was a glass lantern with a base wreath with the same combination of flowers.
Each had additional night lights around the base.

The cake was decorated with small sprigs of Bombastic Spray rose and pink sweet peas.
Thank you to Jo at The Creative Catering Company for helping us set up the cake!

Lots of best wishes to Charlotte and Adam and a big thank you to mum Jackie for all her help.