After the Wedding – Newborn Photography

We work with many excellent photographers who have kindly supplied images for this web site. Mike French at Meonshore Studios is now focussing on Newborn Portrait Photography. Here are a few examples of his work.

Meonshore Studios Newborn Image 2Newborn Photography by Meonshore Studios

Meonshore Studios specialise in Newborn Photography. They photograph your newborn typically from 3-12 days old, usually asleep, and in a contemporary style.

Meonshore Studios Newborn Image 1

Meonshore Studios utilise a variety of backdrops and props to give you a selection of images including those little details of feet, hands, lips and folds which last for such a short period of time as well as their signature full length images. They also photograph your newborn baby with mum and/or dad to give a real sense of scale, bonding and togetherness.

Meonshore Studios Newborn Image 3